Drones Brought In To Combat Piracy




The US Navy use some of the most sophisticated equipment around and they are about to launch a new weapon against the pirates that appropriate in the some of the worlds less hospitable seas. This weapon is the Fire Scout; it is a helicopter drone that has an electronic brain and a laser that fires pulses at a target to produce a 3D image. Using the software on board to Fire Scout is able to determine the status of the boat, where no doubt it is able to carry out the appropriate actions.


This of course, sound fine, but software can get things wrong as can databases, it is a recipe for disaster and the really worrying thing is that is this works, then it won’t be long before something like this is patrolling roads searching for illegal vehicles etc, where will it all end?


According to Ken Heeke, a program officer in the Office of Naval Research’s Naval Air Warfare and Weapons Department, he said in an interview;


“The automatic target recognition software gives Fire Scout the ability to distinguish target boats in congested coastal waters using LADAR, and it sends that information to human operators, who can then analyze those vessels in a 3-D picture,”


Source [Coolest Gadgets]