Get Lunched Is A New Kind Of Social Network




We are all used to social networking, but usually this means talking or connecting to friends that you may not see for a while and in some may not meet at all! So how about a social network where lunches are arranged, well as crazy as it sounds that is what Get Lunched is all about. You join, search and meet for lunch, it is a bit like mash up between “Blind Date” and “Come Dine With Me” except you get the chance to check the other people out before your meet.


This is what Get Lunched have to say about the new social networking service where lunch is not for whimps;


Meet new people every day! Ever wanted some advice, or a super valuable business connection? Maybe you want to get your foot in the door, help with your big idea or just meet up with some new and interesting people? There are thousands of connections and possibilities all around us, all we need is a reason to meet up…and lunch is the perfect opportunity.


It is an interesting concept, but would you sign up for something like this? Get Lunched are making it easier with free apps being launched for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices soon.


Source [Get Lunched]


The Get Lunched Press Release;


There is such a thing as a free lunch!

A new ‘social-business networking’ site, is launching in beta this month in the UK.  The location-based network will bring together the best elements of sites like Linked In, Foursquare and Groupon for better business networking.

With a mobile app coming soon, is leading the way in the new trend of location based networking. It allows people to search and meet with people in their local area for a value exchange over a lunch, or to simply access a great local lunch deal.

With a new wave of location based networking sites expected to launch in 2012, offers something more than just location dating or shared interest meet-ups and gives location networking a much more valuable function.

Matt Bandy, co-founder, says: “Technology has brought us full circle allowing us to go back to networking the traditional way – face-to-face. We let people discover their local connections and give them a reason to meet up.”

Lyndon Gasking, co-founder says:  “ is bringing back the tradition of value exchange. Whether for business, inspiration, friendship or dating, we want to develop a social ‘action’ network. People generally like to help other people given half a chance and a free lunch is a great incentive. People find a person they would like to connect with and agree the terms. ‘I’m buying, you’re buying, 50:50.”

With the UK working the longest hours in Europe and one third of British bosses ‘too busy to take a lunch break’* the site also aims to galvanise the nation into making lunch the most valuable hour of their day.

Launching in beta, already has a burgeoning community on the site, including leading names from the media and creative industries. is invite only at beta stage but a special invite-code has been created for a limited time for people to join – GetlunchedBETA.