Portable Power Coming Soon From Panasonic




The electronics giant Panasonic are about to release eight new external battery packs, these will provide power in varying degrees to Smartphone’s, handheld games machines and tablet devices. The largest of the range is the QE-QL301 once fully charged it is believed that this battery can fully a Smartphone four times before needing a recharge. This is handy kit for anyone who has been caught out of the office or home with a device that is displaying “Low Battery!” and with no possible way of recharging it. This is why Panasonic has come up with this range of portable battery packs, which have a handy low power LED light allowing the user to find it during a black out or any other emergency.


According to the press release from Panasonic on these new external battery packs;


The new series of Panasonic USB Mobile Power Supplies consists of eight models ranging from lightweight portable models to high capacity models, enabling users to continually use their mobile devices on the go without having to worry about running out of power. The high-end QE-QL301 offers a minimum capacity of 10,260 mAh and has two USB ports allowing it to charge two devices, such as a tablet PC and a Smartphone, simultaneously. The new line up also includes three contactless models that can be charged wirelessly using Qi technology, the global standard for wireless charging. As they can be also charged via USB port or AC outlet, they offer flexibility in charging.


There are no prices available yet, but the battery packs are expected to be launched during May


Source [Engadget]



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