Pre-order Your 3D Chocolate Printer Now!




Just as Easter fades into the memories of chocolate heaven, the folks over at Choc Edge are making what is believed to be the world’s only 3D chocolate printer on sale to the public, available to pre-order. it comes with £400 ($635) discount, so you already know that it is going to be a bit on the expensive side.


However, this is a printer that effectively prints 3D chocolate designs, is this not one of the coolest things that we have seen this year? Okay Month then! As with all new tech there will be a few complaints and our one, is that it just takes far too long to produce a single design. The good news is that it is a year until Easter, so if you get started now you accumulate a nice collection of chocolate designs.



These are the details on the printer that everyone is going to want, the Choc Edge;


Choc Edge 3D chocolate printer is an innovative chocolate additive layer manufacturing system, which builds up chocolate objects through a layer-based deposition approach. The research and development began as a Masters student project at the University of Exeter, led by Dr Liang Hao in 2007. The work was later supported by UK EPSRC to implement the technology for physical co-production and value co-creation. The video clip below shows the technology and value co-creation concept.


Priced at a whopping £2,488 ($4,000)


Source [Gizmodo]