Text For That Perfect Cup Of Espresso




If there is one technology that has been left behind it has to the humble text message, there was so much promise with these short messages and yet the telecom providers have failed to capitalise on this. Yet despite this, there are still some cool ideas coming out with SMS at the heart of it and Textspresso is one of the coolest.


This machine has been created by Zipwhip a firm that provides a useful cloud texting platform, so the machine makes coffee, so what? Well this machine makes coffee after the user has sent the machine a text message. So if you are nearly at the office, but need a decent cup of coffee before you start work, all you need to do is send a text and the coffee will be there waiting for you! Unless I am there, then I will simply get an extra coffee, thanks in advance for that one!



According to a post on the Zipwhip blog, this is what all of the fuss is about;


To our knowledge, there is no text enabled espresso machine anywhere in the world, which makes Zipwhip TextSpresso special and worth sharing with others. I can assure you that it’s worthy of experiencing for yourself, and that’s exactly what project “Frothy” set out to do. We extended an exclusive invite to all attendees of the conference by handing out a promotional greeting card as they arrived inviting them to text the word “frothy” to phone number 206 631 9536. Each participant received a one year subscription to perfectly rich and frothy TextSpresso from Zipwhip.


Source [Geeky Gadgets]