The Big Bang Theory Talking Buttons




Sometimes only “Bazinga” will do, and for anyone who does not know what that is then you probably haven’t watched The Big Bang Theory! Here is something for fans of the show or for anyone who is fed up with their existing Easy Buttons. Simply give these a tap when times are getting tough and an assortment of various words and phrases with stream out, if nothing else it will be a smile to your face.


These are the very limited details available from the distributor; hopefully there will be much more when they go on sale;


This case is to include the following: Assortment Breakdown is unknown at this time you will receive at least one or more of the fallowing. Bazinga Button BBT Buttoned Product Number: CMM10165. Shipping Weight: 4.20 pounds


The estimated price should be around £10 ($16) for the pair.


Source [Nerd Approved]