Turn Your iPhone Into A Laser Pointer




Here is a cool way of turning your iPhone into a handy laser pointer; it requires the Smart Dot kit that fits into the devices 3.5 mm audio jack and a free app downloadable from the iTunes Store. Once you have all of this, you are good to go, just simply point and press the Smart Dot button on the iPhone screen, to point out just about anything you want, but use with care as these devices are not toys.



These are the details for the Smart Dot from the Tangram Design press release;


Smart Dot combines iPhone and a presentation pointer, which could be used without batteries by simply plugging into the 3.5mm headphone mini-jack of an iPhone. Once linked to the Smart Dot application, the product creates a virtual pointer like a mouse on a presentation display. By touching on the iPhone display, users can freely operate the laser pointer and control simple mouse features.


There are no prices around yet, but the Smart Dot is due to be released towards the end of the month


Source [Ubergizmo]