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    How The Huawei Smartphone Pegasus Was Built

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          Anyone who visited the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona this year could not have failed to have missed the life size Pegasus greeting them. It was created for Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei by the London based Machine Shop. Its frame is made from steel rods, covered by three and half thousand… Read more »

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    No Getting Lost With The Sailing GPS

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          There many reasons for needing a device such as the Sailing GPS, but getting back home or to where you are heading to sounds as good an idea as any and the fact that this is a device that even if it is goes overboard it will float. There are so many… Read more »

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    MAD Magazine Launch Free iPad App

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          There must be a lot of people waiting for this app for their iPad, it is by MAD Magazine and although the actual app is free to download, getting the actual magazine is going to cost. The user can subscribe either bi-monthly or annually, there are six issues released each year, so… Read more »

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    Atlantis Crew Caught UFO’s On Video

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          Back in 2006, the Space Shuttle Atlantis was in orbit above the planet when the crew notice something strange in the distance. Three metallic looking objects all moving independently from each other are spotted and reported to NASA in Houston. Naturally NASA are not buying the UFO thing and suggest that its… Read more »

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    Superman Saves The Planet Once Again

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          Despite his unusual powers, Superman clearly has feelings and as it turns out an acute sense of smell! However, none the less he is one of those heroes that will not allow his personal life to get in the way of his professional working life. Mike Roberts has done a great job… Read more »

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    The Camera That Can See Around Corners!

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          A camera that can pick out images from around the corner may sound a little far fetched, but according to the MIT Media Lab, it is possible and they have produced an interesting video to prove their point. It seems that putting into practice may not be all that far away either,… Read more »

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    New Trailer Slips Out For Resident Evil 6

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          It makes no difference how or why this trailer for Resident Evil 6 has appeared, it is just great that is has. Check out the scenes and action in trailer you will be impressed. According to some sources, this game is supposed to be longer than the previous edition, which is great… Read more »

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    Wireless Charging In Cars Coming Soon

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          Next year the US based car maker Chrysler will be offering a cool new wireless charging system in the new Dodge Dart. It has been developed by the firms Mopar division and will eliminate the need for cables and cords from the cigarette lighter.   According to Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO… Read more »

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    What If Darth Vader Was A Great Dad?

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          We assume that Darth Vader was all bad, but what if he had the chance to bond with young Luke, would he have turned out to be a great dad? This book explores the possibilities of this.     These are the details for the cool Darth Vader and Son hardback book;… Read more »