MAD Magazine Launch Free iPad App




There must be a lot of people waiting for this app for their iPad, it is by MAD Magazine and although the actual app is free to download, getting the actual magazine is going to cost. The user can subscribe either bi-monthly or annually, there are six issues released each year, so the cost is not too much, especially for people who love this sort of thing!


This is the description for the free MAD Magazine iPad app;


The MAD Magazine app offers all of the humour, stupidity and satire of the magazine – with none of the looming threat of paper cuts! Once you download the FREE (Cheap!) app, you will have special access to classic MAD articles, plus you’ll be able to buy the newest issue, catch up on back issues, or subscribe (so you’ll never know the heartbreak of missing an issue again)! Each issue of MAD features new, cutting edge parodies of pop culture, movie and TV shows, politics, sports and more – as well as classic MAD features like Al Jaffee’s Fold-In, Sergio Aragaonés’ “A MAD Look At…”, and Spy vs. Spy. You’ll also get new features like The MAD Strip Club, The Fundalini Pages, and Planet Tad.


The app is free, but the magazine is subscription based and will cost £6.30 ($9.99) for an annual subscription (6 Issues)


Source [Cool Material]