No Getting Lost With The Sailing GPS




There many reasons for needing a device such as the Sailing GPS, but getting back home or to where you are heading to sounds as good an idea as any and the fact that this is a device that even if it is goes overboard it will float. There are so many features on this device that it is actually a shame that it is only for use on the high seas, but that is how things go!



These are the features of the Sailing GPS device;


The Sailing GPS is unique in realizing that sailboats tack to their destination, which affects the distance and travel time.

If standard GPS chart plotters do not know how far your tacking route is, how can they calculate the ETA correctly?  Fortunately, The Sailing GPS solves this problem.

It accounts for sailboat tacking when calculating optimal routes, distances and Tacking Time to Destination.

Easy to use. Viewable in direct sunlight. Sturdy case with no glass screen — just drop it in your boat bag and go.


Priced at £250 ($400)


Source [Coolest Gadgets]