Superman Saves The Planet Once Again




Despite his unusual powers, Superman clearly has feelings and as it turns out an acute sense of smell! However, none the less he is one of those heroes that will not allow his personal life to get in the way of his professional working life. Mike Roberts has done a great job here, with Superman saving the planet from a couple of alien vandals intent on wreaking the place before clearing off to Mars it would seem!



This is what the Los Angeles-based animator Mike Roberts had to say about the short;


Hey everyone. Here’s my latest short. Wanted to try something fun and uplifting after the heavy subject matter in Rumbleseat. Who better than Superman to brighten your day? Disclaimer: this is fan-art. Warner, DC, and the descendants of Siegel and Shuster are the owners of the boy in blue. I just like to play with him. Wait. That sounded bad. You know what I mean… Go see Man of Steel next year! Buy something superman related! Phewph… After effects and Photoshop.


Source [Geeks Are Sexy]



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