The $2m DARPA Robotics Challenge




The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or as it is more commonly known, DARPA are seeking out teams that can come up with a way to push current robotic technology beyond its current limitations so that they would be able to take part in risky disaster recovery missions for the DoD. Any ideas, there is a $2 million prize to the team that comes up with the best idea.


These are the details on the 2012 DARPA Robotics Challenge;


The DARPA Robotics Challenge consists of both robotics hardware and software development tasks. It is DARPA’s position that achieving true innovation in robotics, and thus success in this challenge, will require contributions from communities beyond traditional robotics developers. The challenge is structured to increase the diversity of innovative solutions by encouraging participation from around the world including universities, small, medium and large businesses and even individuals and groups with ideas on how to advance the field of robotics.


Source [Technabob]