Bullet Proof iPhone Case




It is not everyone that wants or even needs a case for his or her iPhone that is capable of repelling a .50 cal round, but somehow the Japanese based Marudai have done it. However, as expected, there is a price to this sort of protection and that is about £410, and it weighs in at over two kilos, try sticking that in your back pocket!


These are the features for the iPhone armoured case one inch black version;


Machined aluminium front cover (anodized), Plate armour (Parkerizing finish), IPhone protective cover, One 4 M4 cap bolts Hexagon wrench and a Spare lens

Bonus – Commemorating the release!  It presents a dummy cartridge 12.7mm bullet towards the purchase.


Priced at around £410 ($650)


Source [Daily Mail]