Jaffa Cake Lift Takes The Biscuit




There are many tricks of the trade that employers take to ensure the happiness of their staff, but covering the inside of an elevator with 1,325 Jaffa Cakes really does take the biscuit. The communications firm Engine, have installed this interesting idea at their offices in London.


They say that the idea is to improve the mood of workers before they start work. Well that is all well and good, but imagine all of those people licking the same Jaffa Cake, it is not a very nice thought for a Monday morning!


According to the McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes chief, Philippa Tilley, she said;


“We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life.”


She added;


“This was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed-out office workers.”


Source [Incredible Things]