Space Battle Game Needs Funding




Check out Starlight Inception, this is a game that has all of the coolness of old school games, but because it is being built using the latest technology and should be available across all gaming platforms, this is game that is out of this world and not just, because it takes place in space either. The gamer has the ability to manage their craft and therefore their decisions could mean the difference between surviving or not!



The game is being developed by the Texas based Escape Hatch Entertainment and currently they are looking for additional funding through Kickstater, pledges start at $5 and go on right up the $5,000 limit, but with only twenty days to go before the $150,000 project funding ends, the total stands at just over $30,000 so there is still some way to go before this space game gets enough cash for lift off.


According to the Kickstarter pitch, this is what the game is all about and why supporting it is important;


Starlight Inception is a space combat experience with modern elements of strategy and tactics. You assume the role of a young space fighter pilot assigned to the star carrier U.S.F. Independence, deploying to hotspots throughout the Solar System during World War IV.

Starlight Inception is a realistic and relevant 1st person / 3rd person free-roaming space combat experience. It has a unique blend of action with an involving storyline. Features include ship based combat both in space and on planets and moons, interplanetary exploration, and multiplayer dog fighting.


This is a game that is currently going through Kickstarter in order to raise funds.


Source [Eschatch]