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Here is an easy and convenient way of adding a chat box to a website, it takes seconds to sign up and to install, and in fact, it is a bit of code that requires embedding into the user’s website! Including a feature can be a valuable feature for a website as it allows users to connect with each other and therefore will encourage them to return over and over again.


According to a posting on the Chatwing Facebook pages, this is what it can offer website owners;


Creating a chat network will be a great venue for marketing and customer research plus you get to create a valuable connection between you and your customers. Embedding ChatWing in your site is easy and no additional cost will be required from you. Enter your domain name in the box found at ChatWing’s home page to get the HTML code to be used in installing this chat widget. If in the process you will encounter any difficulty, ChatWing has customer assistance ready to help you 24 hours a day.


This is an advert supported system and is available now from the Chatwing website.


Source [Chatwing]