Back To The Future 3 Silent Movie




If there is one movie in the Back To The Future series that could have been made as a silent movie, it has to be the third and final instalment where Marty travels back to the Wild West and Doc has established himself as the local blacksmith. However, we do not have to wonder at what it would be like, because it has been done for us! Sure, it is only three minutes long, but you already know the story and there is only so much piano playing that we can take!



These are the details on the video according to YouTuber “techsavvyed”;


I created this video for the ds106 assignment, “Return to the Silent Era”. After the huge success that “The Artist” had last year, and at the academy awards, it only seemed fitting that people start turning modern classics into “silent era” films. I figured “Back to the Future” would work nicely, especially the train rescue scene at the end of the 3rd movie in the series.


Source [Nerd Approved]



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