Climb And Dive With AquaClimb




This could be the next big thing down at the pool, it combines climbing, diving and swimming all in one handy piece of equipment. It is actually a great way of using a climbing wall without having to use safety ropes, if you fall you end up in the water and that has to be better than hanging around by the safety ropes where everyone can see that you’ve made a mistake or pushed the limits too far.


These are the details for the very energetic looking AquaClimb Sport Poolside Climbing Wall;


Finishing – Stainless steel frame with options to powder coat the structure in a variety of colour options. Transparent climbing surface comes in two finishes. Can be positioned indoors in front of windows with minimal loss of day lighting.

Compatibility — Equipped with four colour-coded climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty; Can be mounted to the pool wall or deck of indoor and outdoor swimming and diving pools; Retrofitting is possible for all existing pools, (concrete, tiled concrete, stainless steel, foil, etc).


There are no prices available for this at the moment


Source [Geek Alerts]