EA Launches Official Battlelog App




Gamers, who have enjoyed the Call of Duty Elite app, will be pleased to know that EA have launched a version for Battlefield 3, it is called the Battlelog app and it allows the user to stay in touch with what is going on in the game and the progress of friends, without actually having to be playing the game. Although seeing one of your Pals, steaming ahead means that the user will not be out of the gamezone for long.



These are the features for the EA Battlelog app for iOS devices;


Hooah! Battlelog is going mobile! With Battlelog on your iPhone, you can stay connected to Battlefield 3 and your gaming friends while on the go.

Battlefield 3 is built around the social platform Battlelog (http://battlelog.battlefield.com), where you meet new gaming friends, compare stats, talk tactics, “hooah!” your friends’ progress in the game and get essential updates straight from the developers.

Now, you can access most features of the full-fledged Battlelog platform on your iPhone! This free app gives you the ability to keep up to date on what is happening right now in Battlefield 3 and how your friends are progressing.


This is a free app downloadable from the iTunes Store


Source [Into Mobile]