Marvel Gives Hawkeye Own Title




The success of recent Marvel based movies and the even more recent The Avengers movies has brought us some interesting characters and one is to his own comic series this summer. Hawkeye is the hero this time; he is the one with the bow and the deadly arrows! Marvel says that the new comic series will be starting this August, which is great news for Marvel fans.


According to the writer of Hawkeye, Matt Fraction, he said;


“Never had the chance to write a character like him, or to do a book like this before. And I wanted to chronicle him in an ongoing series because it’d keep me from getting bored. Repetition bores me to death. I had this idea for how to do a book that wasn’t like anything else we’d seen him in before, wasn’t like anything I’d done before, and couldn’t stop thinking about.”


He continued to say;


“HAWKEYE is more about what inspires Clint Barton. We got Clint in AVENGERS, SECRET AVENGERS, and anywhere else at any given time—but we wanted HAWKEYE to be about what Clint does when he’s not at work, about what drives the guy.


The new ongoing Hawkeye comic book series starts this August.


Source [Geeks Are Sexy]



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