New Trailer Released For Star Trek Game




The next generation of Star Trek games is due for take off next year; it is a sort of updated version of the previous game but with more to get your teeth into with Kirk and Spock taking the lead roles, as they should to take us to new places with new enemies. Not much is known about the game, we do know that it will be launching next year and that Digital Extremes have just released a cool new trailer.



Sheldon Carter from Digital Extremes spoke about new game, he said;


“This has given us time to experiment and prototype instead of making quick decisions,”

“That was still pretty early. It was more, like, to give you a feel. I’m not saying we wouldn’t use some of the stuff that was in that, but that was the feel we were going for.”

“you’re gonna see it for-real realized in a lot of different ways.”


Source [Joystiq]