The Etch A Sketch Style iPhone Case




When you first lay eyes on this brightly coloured case for the iPhone, the thing that you might think of is one of those old school Etch A Sketch toys that used magnets and iron fillings to produce weird and wonderful images. Well first and foremost, the iFoolish is a case designed to protect the iPhone 4 or 4S from being damaged or scratched. But secondly, it really is a magic magnetic drawing board, where the user is able to doodle or make notes using the stylus provided.


These are the main details of the iFoolish case for the iPhone;


The first debut product of the iFoolish range is both humorously foolish for adults and magical for the young ones.

It is a 3.7″ retro red magic drawing board, fitted with a handy drawing pen, which allows you to write and sketch in an environmentally friendly way whilst protecting your iPhone from being scratched or damaged.


Priced at £20 ($32)


Source [iFoolish]