Beware Of Fake Instagram Android Apps



When the world’s biggest social networking firm buys a company with just thirteen employees and is only eighteen months old for a cool $1 billion, it becomes big news. As such, Instagram has seen its user base grow by ten million and therefore it is an opportunity for cybercriminals to cash in on other peoples success. This is exactly what has happened with fake Instagram apps for Android devices, once downloaded to a Smartphone the user risking a malware infection, to be honest it is nothing sophisticated but none the less who needs it!



According to the Sophos posting on its Naked Security blog, they say;


Cybercriminals have created fake versions of the Instagram Android app, designed to earn money from unsuspecting users. If you download your app from this site, rather than an official Android marketplace such as Google Play, then you are running the risk of infecting your smartphone.


Source [The Next Web]