The Sweet Smell Of Eau De Apple Mac Pro



Apple fans will not have to suffer the wait for new products to come out so that they are able to experience the smell of opening the classic Apple packaging before the cool new device is revealed. They would be able to experience this everyday if the Apple unboxing scent created by the artistic collaborative group Greatest Hits that comprises of the Melbourne based artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn. It seems that the Eau De Apple Mac Pro unboxing perfume has only been created for an exhibition to be held in Melbourne until the 12th May.



According to the perfume designer’s website, this is how they went about creating this perfume;


To replicate the smell a brand new unopened Apple was sent to our fragrance lab in France. From there, professional perfume makers used the scents they observed unboxing the new Apple computer to source fragrance samples. On completion, the laptop was sent back to Australia, travelling nearly 50,000kms and returned to our clients together with scent of an Apple Macbook Pro.


Source [Business Insider]