Keep Your Bike Tyres Pumped




It makes no difference whether you are a pro cyclist or just using your bike for work, a flat tyre means that you are going nowhere fast, if only there was some way or regulating it! Well there is now and it’s called the Adjustable Traction Control System for Mountain Bikes and it uses a couple of Co2 tanks and pipes that connect the tanks to the valves. The system is controlled from a couple of controls on the handlebar. This is more than just keeping those tyres pumped, the rider can now adjust the pressures in both or either tyre to suit the terrain or conditions.


These are the details for the Adjustable Traction Control System for Mountain Bikes;


The ADAPTRAC system is a new tire pressure technology that allows the rider to adjust tire pressure to the traction requirements of the ride – while riding. The system includes patent pending hubs (or complete wheel sets), handlebar controls and a C02 power pack. The rider now has independent control over the tire pressure of each tire.

Need more traction on a downhill slope? Press a toggle and drop the pressure to 25 psi. Another quick press and you’re back up to 55 psi for the next climb! Handlebar mounted gauges give visual status of tire pressure at all times.


There are no prices for this yet, but it will announced shortly.


Source [Oh Gizmo]