Three Versions Of Windows 8 Will Be Launched



When eventually the next operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 is launched, it will be available in three versions and in order for consumers to decide which version will be the right one for them. Microsoft will make it as easy as possible in coming months by showing what each version can do and what it has been designed to work with. It sounds cool, apart from Windows RT, where does that come from?



According to the official Windows Blog a posting by Brandon LeBlanc explains what the new Windows 8 versions will be;


All editions of Windows 8 offer a no-compromise experience.

First, Windows 8 is the official product name for the next x86/64 editions of Windows.

For PCs and tablets powered by x86 processors (both 32 and 64 bit), we will have two editions: Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

Windows RT is the newest member of the Windows family – also known as Windows on ARM or WOA, as we’ve referred to it previously.


There are no exact dates yet, but Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 sometime this year!


Source [CNet]