Desktop Moss In A Jar



There is nothing like having a bit of greenery in the workplace to brighten things up, but let’s face it plants are a bit boring and they watering, which hardly ever gets done and so the inevitable happens the plant shrivels and dies, which is not a good look at all especially when you have visitors! However this is Mosser and as the title suggests it’s a piece of moss locked into its own little glass terrarium. This means watering or any maintenance is not required that often, making it the ideal office plant.



These are the details for the scientific glass moss terrarium and spray bottle;


The Mosser is a small glass terrarium filled with a simple round moss ball. The Mosser comes with a glass mister bottle used to feed your plant. They are very easy to care for and only need to be sprayed once every two weeks with filtered water. Mister Bottle: height with lid: 5″ and height of bottle: 3.25″


Priced at £16 ($26)


Source [Oh Gizmo]