Got Receipts There’s An App For That



Keeping on of receipts can be a bit of a nightmare and the thing about this is you can always find the receipts that are for under £10, but when it comes to the high value receipts they simply vanish only to be found when it’s too late! This app keeps your receipts in order and organised, just take a photo and store it for later, it is that simple to use.



Here is what to expect from this new and interesting app to keep your receipts organised;


Receipts is an app that allows you to keep all your receipts organised. You simply take a photo, or choose one you have already taken, and you save yourself having to look for a receipt when you need it.

You can email or print receipts that you have stored on your iPhone/iPod Touch, which are now easier to find than ever before.

Receipts keeps an electronic copy of your receipts so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or fading!


This app is available right now from the iTunes Store at £0.69 or $0.99


Source [iReceipt Free]