How Transparent Is Google [Infographic]



Security and Privacy are the two main issues that concern the users of internet and in particular those users who sign up with social networking sites. Google is often overlooked at being a social media provider and yet it is used for browsing, email, advertising, operating systems and for social media too, with Google having so many fingers in so many pies does its new privacy policy address all of the issues that its users have?

It would be foolish to even try to attempt to answer that question without anything to back it up with, which of course, we have in the shape of this interesting and helpful info graphic by Background Check. It carefully covers how Google has evolved over the years to become what know now, it also shows some of the issues and concerns that users have or will have in the future, but is any of this likely to change the way Google go about their business? Not a chance we are inclined to say, but stranger things have happened.



Source [Social Times]