No Internet After The 9th July!



On or after the 9th July 2012 for some 350,000 computer users the internet will longer be available, this is because they have been infected with a well known DNSChanger malware, which was discovered when an FBI operation cracked a crime syndicate that has netted over £8.5 ($14) million.

To check out if your computer is infected and one that could possibly be affected by the DNSChanger there is help at hand, check out this page run by the DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG) it’s all free and totally safe, it’s better to be safe than sorry especially where access to the internet is involved.



This is how the DNS Changer works and how the creators will reap the rewards from it;


Directing users away from a legitimate site denies that site the traffic (and ad revenue) it would have had.

Redirected users were funnelled to the website of the ring’s customers, who believed they were paying for traffic from Internet users who intended to click on their ads.

Users who were redirected to the website of a business due to the ring may have been perceived as being illegitimate businesses.

The DNSChanger was built to also prevent users from cleaning the malware using anti-virus software, which then would prevent users from protecting themselves against other viruses and malware.


Source [Digital Trends]