Wireless Speaker For Bikes



Wearing headphones while cycling can be dangerous, so until now there was little choice for the cyclists, headphones or nothing! However, this is SleekSpeak, it is a flexible speaker that fits onto the handlebar or frame of a bike and then connects via Bluetooth to the users Smartphone or music player. So what makes this different from anything else? Well it has a flexible silicone casing and can deliver some serious sound loud enough to be heard over even the busiest of traffic jams.



These are the main details on the why the SleekSpeak is a good idea for cyclists;



The SleekSpeak’s flexible rubber skin allows it to go where no other speaker can.  The stretchy strap gives it the ability to grab anywhere onto your bike, from the thinnest handlebars to a fat, non-cylindrical top tube.  The strap comes on and off with one tug, so taking your tunes with you is never a problem.  The rubber skin also makes SleekSpeak weather-resistant for those rainy days, and shock proof for when potholes are unavoidable.


This is a project on Kickstarter, so for a pledge of £44 ($70) will get you a limited edition SleekSpeak.


Source [Cool Material]