Foco For Better iPad Audio



Most Tablet devices are cool, but there is one disappointing feature and that is the audio, even with the iPad the speakers are as good as they could be! So apart from connecting a set speakers, there is not much that the tablet user can do about it. There is however a project going through the crowd funding Kickstarter that might just offer the tablet user an alternative. It is called FOCO and for something so small, it appears to produce some serious sounds and it is not going to break the bank either.



This is what the Foco is all about as from the Kickstarter pitch;


Foco is Spanish for “Focus”. As the name implies, this low cost accessory is designed to focus the sound from the rear built in speakers of the iPad to the front using simple principles of physics in a way that allows the sound waves to be reflected and redirected. This results in an enhanced and richer sound experience when listening to music, watching movies, playing games, listening to audiobooks/podcasts or anything that requires sound while using the iPad.



If you like these, then for just £4 ($6) you are able to back it on Kickstarter and get yourself one before they reach the stores.


Source [Gear Diary]