Max Payne 3 TV Advert



It seems a long time ago when Max Payne first appeared on a games console, in fact, it was around 2001 and this means that a young gamer today would have been very young back in the day! However, this game is nothing like the original when it comes to the graphics etc and so for the younger, gamer this is effectively a new game and that is why Rockstar Games have made TV adverts for the games launch.



These are the details surrounding the new TV advert and a little bit about the game too;


As world premiered during last night’s Lakers/Spurs game on ESPN, here’s the official new Max Payne 3 TV Commercial which will begin airing internationally over the next week.

The spot features the original soundtrack song “TEARS” by HEALTH – look for more info about the game’s original soundtrack in the days ahead…



Source [Joystiq]



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