So Your Computers Dead! What Now? [Comic]



All computer users face this issue from time to time, this is the main reason for me having four computers, the other reason, is that four computers running on your desk looks real cool! Anyway, heres what happens, you get up in the morning, make coffee and so on! Now it is the computers turn to wake up, you press the button or flick the switch and nothing happens, what do you do? Normally I would give it another chance before actually throwing it out of the window!

Many people have no alternative other than calling for help and this means speaking to the computer dude, yes this is where will get to speak to the IT Crowd for real and we know what they are like. These comics show that it is not always straight forward getting the computer fixed in this way, I still prefer throwing it out of the window, along with my Blackberry handset too!



Source [Two Sexy Geeks]