Caines Cardboard Games Arcade



A nine year old boy from East Los Angeles has become an internet sensation and its all down to the cardboard games arcade that he built inside his father’s auto part store. Somehow, the arcade was featured on a DIY site and suddenly everyone wants to know the budding entrepreneur. However, this has gone big time now, because #TeamCaine now a foundation! Initially any cash made would have gone towards a $25,000 scholarship fund for Caine, but the cash kept rolling in and so the Caine’s Arcade Foundation to help encourage innovative kids has been created, cool stuff.



This short film tells the story of Caine’s Arcade, and of our attempt to make Caine’s day.


A rough cut of the film premiered at DIY Days, where Caine set up his arcade for people to play. Caine was commissioned by an attendee to build a custom cardboard claw machine, which he did for $80.

This film is a collaboration between all of my friends who chipped in, as well as all of the folks online who got behind the idea of helping to make Caine’s day. Big THANKS to everyone who helped!



Source [Logic Buy]