Chocolate Covered iPhone 4



Here is the easy way to get a fix of chocolate without actually consuming any calories. It is a case for the iPhone 4 and yes, it really does smell of chocolate, as far as we know there are no calories in this bar. Sure it is not going to be as good as the real thing, but think about it you get the best of worlds, a case that protects your iPhone and your figure too!



These are the details for the iPhone covered with chocolate case;


However, the Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case just does not smell like chocolate, it actually looks like chocolate. Ok, so it looks like chocolate if it passed through the head of a cartoonist, but that is ok. The chocolate bar on the back of the Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case looks super happy to see us, each and every time we sniff it. And that really is a lot. Enough words – Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case sniffing time!


Priced at £9 ($15)


Source [Incredible Things]