Insecure Websites To Be Named



Following a survey carried out by the non-profit organisation Trustworthy Internet Movement (TIM) found that over half those sites tested were using security systems that were known to have been compromised and therefore could have been a risk to the consumer. So now, there will be a regular list published by the firm that will show those sites that are safe and those that are not!



According to Philippe Courtot, the serial entrepreneur, chief executive of security firm Qualys and TIM’s founder, he said;


We want to stimulate some initiatives and get something done; SSL is one of the fundamental parts of the internet.

It’s what makes it trustworthy and right now it’s not as secure as you think. We’ll be making it public. Everyone is now going to be able to see who has a good grade and who has a bad grade.


Sites that use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are believed to be secure by consumers whereas in some case they are not, so these lists will show consumers what sites that they use and they can make their own minds up!


Source [BBC]



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