Website Design Close Up [Infographic]



Apparently when it comes to designing a website there are other factors to think about as well as content and search engines. Making the site easy for your visitors is just as important, which is right when you think about because even if the site is top on Google, if the visitor does not like it, they will not be coming back. We all think that our website design is the best and that it is liked by the visitors, but this may not be so. There is a cool graphic by Killer Info graphics that examines this very point by looking right into the anatomy of web design that is effective and therefore keeps your visitors onsite as well as coming back for more. There is probably something in this, but as they say, you cannot please all of the people, all of the time, so as website owners, we have to make decisions that affect the whole site, the advertisers and visitors too, it’s not easy!



Source [Killer Infographics]