Teachers Making Use Of Pinterest



Like many of the other social media sites, available Pinterest has its fans and those who do not like it all. However, as with all social media each has its own place in the social networking world. Pinterest is one of those sites that you either get or you don’t, for people who use images a lot it is ideal and therefore this is its main selling point.


The cool thing is that kids love taking images and video with their Smartphone’s so this means that Pinterest is the ideal platform for them to show these off to friends and the world. It is also a place where teachers are able to get involved and grab the interest of their students at the same time.


According to the graphic produced by Online Universities this shows just how easy it is for teaching staff to use Pinterest as a point for distributing plans, images and other documents, not only will this engage the students but it will also encourage the class to work as a team etc.



Source [Mashable]



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