The Winning App Is?



It is hard to take much notice of awards but the Appys are different this is because although the nominations are voted on by industry experts, but most of the winners are voted on the public. So this means that users of the apps are actually voting for them and therefore other Smartphone users are able to check them out knowing that these apps are good and more to point being used by other Smartphone users.



Here are the full results from the Appys award ceremony held in London;


Judges’ choice: Sky Sports News

Best game: Angry Birds

Best news & weather: BBC News

Best social & messaging: Facebook

Best food & cooking: Domino’s Pizza

Best money saving: Groupon

Best sport: Sky Sports News

Best fashion & shopping: eBay

Best photography & video: Adobe Photoshop Express

Best celebrity & entertainment: YouTube

Best health & well-being: NHS Direct

Best music: YouTube

Best travel: Google Maps


Source [BBC]