Top Places For Laptop Theft



While the US is the top destination in the world for laptop thefts, London has been placed as the top destination for laptop thefts in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Businesses are most likely to be affected but not from their premises, it seems that the thefts are taking place from cars and residential properties. To show how this works in greater detail there is this interesting graphic produced by Absolute Software, it breaks down the business of laptop theft and hopefully this information will educate people on how to look after their tech gear in the process!


According to Stephen Midgley, Global VP at Absolute Software who produced the info graphic, he said;


“The cost to business of purchasing new equipment without knowing where existing assets are, as well as the potential fines for data breaches can be very expensive,”

“Regulations dictate a timescale from a breach to when customers must be notified of data loss. If companies aren’t aware of a lost laptop for days or weeks, compliance with regulation becomes a real challenge and limiting damage to a company’s brand and reputation almost impossible.”



Source [Business Computing World]