Atari Star Wars Style Arcade Machine



Remember the days when the only way that you could play a computer game was in an arcade propped up against a huge cabinet with noise, lights and lots of people buzzing around, those were the days! Now you can recreate those days but in miniature with this great looking machine, that once finished will fit on your desk and make all of the work friends envious.



This is what the great looking Atari arcade style Star Wars games machine has on offer;


12″ tall faithful reproduction of the original Atari Star Wars arcade cabinet

Yoke is hand crafted from aluminium with custom modified 10k OHM axle potentiometers with 60º deflection

Coin Door is hand crafted from aluminium with light up coin plastics and coin exit buttons in place of coin return

Shroud is hand crafted from dowel rods and bass wood on a 1/4″ MDF base

Handheld screen cable was extended 4 inches

Handheld boots directly to game – no menus required

Over 80 working hours of time went into this build



This is available for sale but you can build your own, check out Arcade Controls for details


Source [Gadget Review]