Disposable Cardboard Digital Camera From IKEA



If anyone was going to make a digital camera from cardboard, it was bound to be the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA. They have come up with the Knappa, it is a fully operational digital camera that can take up to forty images, the user then connects to a computer via the USB connector and that is it the Knappa is disposed of! It is a bit like those disposable cameras from a few years ago, expect the Knappa does not use film.



These are the details on what the Knappa cardboard digital camera from IKEA might offer;


IKEA PS 2012 is the 7th IKEA PS design collection. This time we have found inspiration from more than 60 years of IKEA design and from people’s lives and needs at home. Times are changing and so is IKEA design. Still, we believe in the same values. Design belongs in real homes and we will continue to make extraordinary design very affordable design.


The Knappa is not currently available to buy, but IKEA are giving them away to customers at selected stores around the world.



Source [BBC]