Klout Launches iPhone App



Lots of people have use social media for many different reasons, mostly for social reasons but also it can be for business too! But for a business to make social media work for them first of all they are going to need to make sure that they are reaching the right people and giving the right message, this is where Klout comes in. Klout calculates the user “Klout” on a score from zero to 100; the higher the number the more Klout you are likely to have and now it is easier to keep track of you Klout with the free app that permanently displays your Klout score! I suppose that you would only want to do that if you had a good Klout score, which is what?



These are the features that Klout users can expect to be seeing with the new free app;


The Klout icon on your home screen shows your Klout Score so it’s always visible to you, even if you are not using the app.

The Notifications tab updates you about changes to your online influence. You will know any time your Klout Score changes or when someone gives you +K.

The Profile tab displays your Klout Score, your influencers and more.

The Klout app is customizable, allowing you to choose what notifications you will receive and what features you want to use. If you wish, you can also turn off display of your the Score on the Klout icon.


You can download the Klout app free of charge from the iTunes Store


Source [Cool Material]