PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale In Action



There are some gamers who will be thanking SuperBot Entertainment for actually getting their act together and producing the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, yes the idea that has been in the back of gamers minds for a long time is now a reality of a kind. As you would expect, the Battle Royale is game where all of the greatest gaming characters from all platforms and decades come together to fight it out and see who is the best character of all time! So who would you be and why?



This the text that comes with the Battle Royale in action video;


PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale — Today marks a special day for us here at SuperBot Entertainment, as we finally get to share our game with the world! PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale existed as an idea in the hearts of gamer’s way before SuperBot got around to making it, and the expectations of the fans are really, what drive us. This game is a labour of love, and we’re excited to be able to finally show it.



Source [Playstation Blog]