Skis For Baby Buggies



What do you do when it snows, carry the baby, do not go out or take your chances that someone has cleared the paths of the white stuff. Well there is an alternative to those choices and it is called Wheel Blades! This are small skis that fit over the baby buggies wheels, which allows the parent to push the buggy around without the wheel getting clogged up with snow! How cool is this idea?



According to the Wheel Blades website, this is how these interesting skis work;


The runners are running smoothly with very little friction over the same ground, and even large bumps. Thus, the ski runs always in the desired direction, the binding in the anterior part of the ski moves. No matter where you also want the ski knows where to go. For stability while driving two drive channels provide at the bottom of the wheel blades, where the snow is compressed, allowing you to run as if on rails.


Priced at $248


Source [Incredible Things]