The 8 Bit Style iPhone Case



It makes no difference how old you are or even if you are a gamer or not, 8 Bit still plays a part in your life as it appears in all sorts of places. However, for fans of 8 Bit design there is a treat here with the great looking 8 Bit Bumper case for the iPhone, its stylish, cool and comes in three colours, Pink, Black and White.



These are the details on one of the coolest iPhone cases around at the moment;


8-BIT BUMPER – Miss the good old days? Give your iPhone a character! Retro pixel style!

This 8-bit bumper made from rubber silicon keeps your iPhone away from any damage, an anti friction coating is applied so you could slide your 8-bit machine into your pocket hassle free!


Priced at £16 ($25)


Source [Big Big Pixel]