Charge Gadgets While Having Lunch



Here is one of those ideas that will drive you crazy. It is a work station, lunch table or something else depending on where this table is placed. But how it works is simple, you get your lunch, or sit at your workstation and in order to charge up your gadgets batteries, just connect and get pedalling fast!



These are details on the WeBike exercise bike charging station;


WeBike invites you to sit down and wheel gently.

No sweat. No special clothes.

No time to waste. WeBike at home. WeBike at work. WeBike everywhere.

Re-cycle. Your time. Your health.

30 minutes WeBike a day, keeps the doctor away.

WeBike is energy. You are energy. Wheel to feel it.

Circular arrangement 3 seats: 2500mm floor diameter

Depth table : 420 mm

Height table : 1205 mm

Height seat : low end 824 mm, high end 900 mm

Total height: 1554 mm

Weight: 53 kg/seat


Priced at around £8,000 ($13,000)


Source [DVice]



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