Is That An iPhone In Your Bra?



Here is the answer for all those girls that go out wearing a nice dress and of course no handbag, so where do they keep there Smartphone? Well that is where Joey comes in, this is bra with a secret pocket built into the side where a Smartphone can be placed and where it can be completely safe. This is not for sale at the moment, but once it goes through the crowd funding Kickstarter site the Joey Bra could quite easily be available for sale.



This is what the Joey Bra has to offer the iPhone owner who likes to wear a dress now and then;


Your first question is likely, “how can a bra with a pocket be comfortable?” I like to answer the question by describing earrings – when you first put in your cutest pair of earrings, you notice them; however, after just a few seconds, your body adjusts and you don’t feel a thing. When we were doing a our product shoot, one of the models almost left with my phone still in her pocket because she completely forgot about it!



Source [Technabob]



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