Mass Effect Case For The iPhone



If you want to make sure that your iPhone 4 or 4S is fully protected what better than a case designed in the style of Mass Effect. That should be enough to scare anyone off, but just in case what about adding some cool Mass Effect wallpaper to the phones display to get the complete Mass Effect look and feel.



Here are the details on the excellent Mass Effect case for the iPhone;


It is a dangerous world out there. Whether you’re extinguishing some Blue Suns, giving the Blood Pack a bloody nose, or deleting some geth, your squad needs protection. What better way to armour up your pocket EDI and show her loyalty at the same time than with elite N7 armour? That’ll put all those asari, turians, and especially quarians at ease when you whip out your pocket AI to ask for the Yelp ratings around the Citadel.


Priced at £16 ($25)


Source [Nerd Approved]